What’s Your Sex Fitness?

You’re familiar with the Fitbit…a wristband that measures your daily activity, calories burned, and sleep.  Well a UK company is developing the SexFit…a vibrating ring worn around the base of the penis that measures calories burned during sexual activity.  More specifically, it measures thrusts during sex.  We’ve known sex is a great form of exercise where different muscles are used, men can burn about 4 calories per minute, and women can burn about 3 calories per minute…all while having fun doing it.  But SexFit may make sex exercise (“sexercise”) a competitive sport.  The information collected by the device is accessed from the free mobile app and can then be shared and compared with friends.

SexFit Ring

Check out Bondara’s website for more information.  The prototype is under development and expect to undergo product testing this year, so it will be some time before it’s available.

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