5 Tips To Remember Your Birth Control

Remembering to do something as important as taking your birth control everyday and on time can be quite difficult — Especially with our hectic schedules! Here are some tips and tricks to help remind you:

1. Put it next to something you use every day.

Do you brush your teeth at about the same time everyday? Do you wear contacts? Do you take other medicines? Try pairing one of these daily routines with taking your birth control.img_4904

2. Use your phone.

In this day and age, our generation is attached to their phones. Why not have a special alert or alarm to remind you to take your birth control? Maybe even choose the crying baby ringtone?

  • Alerts. Advice from prior experience: Have two alerts. Due to busy schedules, sometimes it slips your mind even if you saw your alarm go off. Better safe than sorry!
  • Apps. Some of us love our apps! Everheard of WomanLog or MyPill? Or even Google calendar? There are lots of apps you can try.
  • Messages. Sign up for free text message reminders to take your pill from Bedsider. These messages will put a smile on your face and help you remember to take your pill.phone-alert

3. Not interested in technology?

  • Use sticky notes! Add one to your bathroom mirror or maybe even on your coffeemaker? Add it anywhere you know you’re bound to see it everyday.
  • If you have a to-do list that you love checking off, add another bullet point for your birth control. It’s a task you must complete each day!

4. This one is for all the fur-mommies out there!

Cats and dogs are persistent when it’s time to feed them. They’re always right on the dot. So, what did I do? I placed my birth control right next to the cat food. Whenever they alert me to feed them, it’s an instant reminder to take my pill as well. It’s perfect because they don’t stop meowing until fed! This can work with other furbabies too.


5. Put it in your wallet.

Work and school are busy, but you always have a lunch break. Need to pay for lunch? What do you do? You open up your wallet! It’ll be the first thing you see. I’ve even seen women use their pill pouches as wallets and store some cash or credit cards. Want something a little more unique? Try one of these hand-painted pill wallets.


Anything to Add?  We know many of you have your own ways of remembering to take your pill on time everyday, so please share in the comments! Reading about what works for you might help another reader!


About the Author:

Bianca S. Faridian is a third-year pharmacy student at the University of California San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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