For Providers

Welcome Physicians, Healthcare Providers, and Community Partners

We look forward to partnering with you to deliver quality, confidential, and cost-effective patient care services.  We welcome your referrals.  Please let us know how we can refer patients to you as well.  We provide an additional point of access to important health services.

Our clinical pharmacists are well qualified to deliver preventative health services in the community.  All services delivered are in line with professional practice recommendations and guidelines.  Given our unique location inside an independent community pharmacy, we are able to work closely with the pharmacy staff and will ensure patients are able to obtain medications.

Contact us to:

  1. Request more information about The Pharmacists Clinic.
  2. Request The Pharmacist Clinic marketing materials for your practice or organization.
  3. Request a visit to The Pharmacists Clinic inside Point Loma Shelter Island Drug.
  4. Inquire about opportunities for collaborative practice with our clinical pharmacists.
  5. Request participation in a community or corporate outreach event or health fair.

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