For Pharmacists

Welcome Pharmacist Colleagues

We look forward to partnering with you to deliver quality, confidential, and cost-effective patient care services.  Not every pharmacy is equipped with the private space, time, and expertise to provide all clinical services.  We welcome any patient referrals for our clinical services.  Our patients are able to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice.

Our clinical pharmacists are well qualified to deliver services in the community.  All services follow professional practice recommendations and guidelines.

We have spent years developing a community-based, pharmacist-run clinic model that can be implemented in other pharmacies and locations.  We hope this makes it easier for other pharmacists to share their clinical expertise with their communities to improve health outcomes.

Contact us if:

  1. You are a pharmacist or pharmacy team member and would like to invite us to participate in a community or corporate outreach event or health fair.
  2. You are a pharmacist or pharmacy team member and would like to distribute our marketing materials for your pharmacy.
  3. You are a pharmacy owner and would like to explore having one of our clinics inside your pharmacy.
  4. You are a clinical pharmacist and would like to explore implementing one of our clinics in another location to provide the services of your choice.  You would not be limited to services provided by other pharmacists.  Potential services include medication therapy management, comprehensive medication management, and other advanced practice services.

To stay in touch, sign up for our network email list.

Birth Control Services

If you are interested in or currently providing direct access to emergency contraception and/or hormonal contraception, please see the Birth Control Pharmacist website for clinical updates, resources, educational opportunities, marketing assistance and more.