One Woman Shares Her IUD Experience

One woman shares her honest experience having the Mirena IUD placed. She is happy with her decision overall.

Looney's Last Word

It hurt like a mo’fo’.

Okay, I was going to stop there, but let me discuss, in the event that other women are wondering. There’s a nice article at that details the whole procedure.


Before an IUD insertion, some health-care professionals will advise a woman to take [ibuprofen] an hour before the IUD is inserted.”
Well, I didn’t know that. I guess I should have because I’ve had 2 cervical biopsies and both times, I was told to take some ibuprofen to lessen the pain. But my IUD appointment was so last minute, I didn’t even think about it.

“Check to see if your doctor’s office has sanitary pads; if not, make sure to bring one from home to use after the insertion in case some bleeding occurs.
Yeah. You’ll have that.

At this point, your health-care professional will hold open the vagina by using a…

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