History’s Worst Contraceptives

Think taking a pill every day is a pain?  Dread putting on a condom during sexy time?  Don’t want to make your way to the doctor’s office or clinic to have an IUD placed?  Well compared to what our predecessors have used for birth control throughout history…let’s just say you’d rather not go back in time.

Check out this amusing “History’s Worst Contraceptives” video recapping some of history’s strangest attempts to prevent pregnancy:

This video was created by EngenderHealth as part of their new WTFP?! (Where’s the Family Planning?!) campaign to raise awareness about the 220 million women in developing countries who want family planning services and products but lack access.

Other methods you wouldn’t think twice about using now but your ancestors employed for lack of better options?  Vaginal plugs made of seaweed, grass, or balls of paper.  Sponges soaked in acid.  Condoms made of fine fabric.  Drinking potions.  Injections of human or animal sperm under the skin (the thought was this would create an immune response against sperm in the uterus).

Imagine the desperation.  And the disappointment when these methods failed.

Thanks to modern medicine, you don’t have to endure these bizarre strategies!  Besides thinking Wow or Ew, what are your reactions or thoughts? Heard of any other tricks to prevent pregnancy?

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